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This hour and a half introduction to the principles of psychosynthesis will have an experiential focus and provide time for questions. It will particularly focus on the importance of will for taking charge of our lives and aligning with deeper purpose, meaning and values. It is suitable for those considering doing the Fundamentals or Foundation Year for personal growth purposes, or for those thinking about undertaking professional training in psychosynthesis as a therapeutic modality.

Free Evening 2014 Dates: July 24th or November 20th Venue: St Lukes Community Centre, 130 Remuera Rd.Please register with the Institute:

Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis

This powerful and transformative course covers the basic principles and ideas of psychosynthesis. At whatever stage on your life’s path, this course provides the experience to deepen your inner journey, the understanding to direct it more effectively, and the means to transform obstacles on the way.

The psychospiritual context of psychosynthesis is explored, and the skills to integrate and express this creatively are practised.

The Fundamentals is particularly appropriate for those sensing a critical period in their lives that calls for clarity, direction and change; for those feeling a need to integrate their spiritual vision more in their lives; for those who have achieved a number of goals and are now asking what next; and for those seeking to apply psychosynthesis principles in their own fields.

Each participant has an individual session with a psychosynthesis guide. There will also be opportunities to observe other sessions, in order to understand the methods and practice of psychosynthesis, this being of particular value to professionals working in this area.

Course Content:

  • The language of inner experience and the psychosynthesis model of the psyche
  • Body Feelings Mind – a dynamic information system
  • Recognising and working with subpersonalities
  • Disidentification – the art of non-attachment
  • Creative thinking and the meditative process
  • Opening to superconscious experiences and Self
  • Personal crises and spiritual awakening
  • Freedom of choice and the process of willing
  • Right interpersonal and intrapersonal relations
  • The evolutionary process of synthesis
  • Grounding and expression – the Act of Will

Application Procedure:

Applicants must be at least 25 years of age, and consider they have sufficient self-capacity to manage the week intensive. Consideration is given to equity, the applicant’s intention to enrol in Tier Two, and limited places.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Name, address and telephone number
  2. Age and occupation
  3. Educational background
  4. Other personal development courses attended
  5. Are you currently seeing a counsellor or therapist?

Deposit: $100.00 to secure a place, may be part-refundable.

N.B. As well as being a comprehensive introduction to psychosynthesis, the Fundamentals is Tier 1 of the Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, which is NZQA approved.

The Fundamentals is a prerequisite for the Foundation Year.

Fundamentals course Week Intensive: September 12th-19th 2014 or January 16th-23rd 2015 Fee: $1050.00 (incl. GST)

Foundation Year Programme

There are not often opportunities to participate in a programme that extends over ten months, yet allows you to maintain full commitments to work. Building from the experience of the psychosynthesis Fundamentals, the Foundation Year is a programme of one weekend a month for nine months that culminates in a four day residential retreat.

The course is structured so that each weekend is coherent in itself, as well as building on preceding weekends. The maps and models of psychosynthesis are the framework. Having this structure over this time allows a rich network of relationships to grow over the year. Because participants don’t have to keep adjusting to new people and therefore dealing only with initial dynamics, a lot of safety develops. This encourages and supports the process of experimenting with limiting ways of relating and behaving, it helps taking risks by being both challenging and affirming, and it allows profound depths and heights to be not just experienced, but integrated.

The Foundation Year is for those who wish to make a commitment to discover or reconnect to their creative sense of life purpose and meaning, and to develop and refine their means of expressing it. The weekends are supported by the regular individual sessions and tutorials. Please note that regular individual sessions are an integral part of the Foundation Year, and need to be with a guide who is trained in psychosynthesis and part of the Institute. If you are not already working with a psychosynthesis guide, the Institute will provide you with a list of qualified psychosynthesis guides.

Course Content:

The schedule for the Foundation Year covers:

The Inner Journey

This will be the focus for Friday evenings of each weekend. Symbolic and mythic structures, and the cycles of the year will be used to explore the soul-making journey of Self, and to set keynotes for the weekend.

The Art of Being

This course examines the organisation of personality and its dynamics. The seminars are experiential. Participants explore dynamics and responses within given structures and exercises. The theory base supports these dynamics and responses. In psychosynthesis, any map or model is not to be taken as truth, but as useful only insofar as it adequately describes a person’s process. Awareness of how experience is organised rather than just why, is considered important to develop more open-ended, creative patterns of organisation and expression.

The process and skill of disidentification; holding a point of tension with physical, emotional and mental process; boundaries and developing and protecting psychic space; integrating parts of personality and needs; utilising the creative energies of love and power; and using transforming systems in the psyche are major areas covered. Attention is given to establishing a relatively flexible personal centre of identity which can more consciously cooperate with, and surrender to, the process of Self-realisaton.

While the focus will be on personality and developmental stages and transitions, this is seen always in the wider context that is named as transpersonal, existential, and ultimately, spiritual. It is about Being, therefore, in as full a sense as we can open to.

Will and Motivation

This course explores the nature of Will. As participants deepen their experience of Will, they become more in charge of their lives. This is not through the illusion of being in control, but by becoming more able to respond to life, even when it is wounding, dark and difficult. Development and expression of personal Will is first focused on, then alignment and surrender to Transpersonal Will.

Major topics include the spectrum of Will and Motivation; Superego and free will; the basic peri-natal matrices (based on Stanislav Grof’s work); the evolution of Will and its aspects; the relationship of personal Will, Transpersonal Will and Universal Will.

Right Relations

This is a practical, experiential workshop, which provides a context for individuals to explore intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics. It is a relatively unstructured day each weekend. The keynote is opportunity – to experiment and play, to break habitual patterns of interaction which may no longer be appropriate, and to take risks.

An essential part of the process of right relationship can be characterised by the shift from reactive behaviour controlled by motivation, needs and desires (which can often conflict!) to more responsive interactions where there is an experience of choice about what is expressed.

Rhythms and Crises of Self-Realisation

This residential intensive is essentially a time of retreat. It is a time to focus on the depths and heights of the journey of Self-Realisation. The profound rhythms of living and dying, death and rebirth are entered into and anchored in each person’s unique experience of life. Participants learn how to co-operate more consciously with their process of soul-making, which also, paradoxically, involves surrendering to the unknown and acknowledging the mystery of life. This retreat is also about completion – the group’s year-long journey comes to an end with this course.


February 28-March 2, April 4-6, May 2-4, June 6-8,
July 4-6, August 1-3, September 5-7, October 3-5,
October 31-November 2, November 19 – 23 (Intensive)
February 27-March 1, March 27-29, May 1-3, June 5-7,July 3-5, July 31-August 2, September 4-6, October 2-4,

October 30-November 1, November 18-22 (Intensive)

Fees for 2014 (GST inclusive):

Course fee (usually paid over 10 months) $2650.00
Residential/catering Fee for retreat $490.00 (approx)
Sessions (minimum 15 required) – fees range according to individual therapists ($90.00 – $150.00)
Tutorials $20.00
Course Administration Fee $130.00

N.B. The Foundation Year is Tier 2 of the Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and is a prerequisite for entering Tier 3.

Applicants for Tier 2 need to have demonstrated sufficient self-capacity during Tier 1 to be able to safely undertake personal development in individual and group settings. They also need to disclose any recent or current medical or psychiatric history which could affect the safety and participation of themselves or others on the year long programme.

Psychosynthesis: Self and World

a programme developed and facilitated by Mark Skelding, Robyn Rogers and Deryn Cooper, faculty members of the Institute of Psychosynthesis N.Z.

Self and World brings together psychosynthesis and ecopsychology. The emphasis of psychosynthesis on will adds a lens and tool that is often missing in reflection on the contemporary issues calling for our attention, and in how we respond to them, individually and collectively.

Roberto Assagioli proposed that personal synthesis would lead on to social psychosynthesis – and beyond. With the psychospiritual lens of psychosynthesis, the Self and World course considers what this may mean for us practically as individuals and communities at a time of unprecedented ecological and social change – and how to respond effectively.

Ecopsychology is an emerging conversation to examine the psychological, social and ecological complexities of our time. Suggesting that psyche is part of nature, ecopsychologists such as David Abram or Andy Fisher address the inter-relatedness of ecology and psychology. They and others – including David Suzuki, Joanna Macy, Fahad Dalaal, Daniel Siegal and Peter Block – suggest that the failure to consider and embrace such dynamic interrelationships  leads to stress on, and eventual unravelling of, complex systems which need to be held together, rather than treated as separate. Self and World examines this process in daily experience, and how we engage with it consciously and with purpose.

Self and World is designed both for those who have already explored personal experience and meaning-making with psychosynthesis, and also for people currently participating in social and ecological transformation and activism.

In a series of experiential and body-centred processes, drawing on a rich mix of contemporary psychological, philosophical, ecological and social thinking supported by group dialogue and multimedia resources, Self and World addresses who and how we are in our social, spiritual and environmental contexts. The course invites us to consider what these aspects of our being may be asking of us and for us at this time, and how these translate into action; creating a workshop environment to develop, test and be supported in bringing these to fruition in ways that recognise this land’s unique culture, spirituality, history, and ecology.

Self and World engages in the dynamics of love and power, and in the evolving processes essential if society and planet are to be sustainable, just and compassionate.

This residential course takes place at the Karanga Lodge, a field centre in the Waitakere ranges. The programme will run over 5 mid-month weekends, with a structure similar to that of the Foundation Year. Participants will be facilitated to take on individual or group projects with associated reading. We are presently negotiating a noho marae experience, which would be a sixth weekend in August. 

2014 Course information
Residential: 6pm Friday – 4.30pm Sunday.April 11-13, May 16-18; June 20-22; July 18-20; October 10-12

Anticipated cost $1600. Minimum numbers required.

N.B. August or September possible noho marae t.b.c.

To register, please contact: